Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More of the Great Pasty Hunt...

The search resumes....

A dreary Saturday saw us at a loose end, so with kids to both drag away from the TV and feed, dogs in need of a walk and an excuse to head over Helston way we piled into the camper and set off for The Horse and Jockey bakery in Meneage Street.

Even half a Horse & Jockey's was too much for the ever
hungry boy 'Chops'.
The observant may notice that we've mentioned this bakery before as one that we wanted to try, their pasties are well regarded in the Helston area and indeed the Good Pasty Guide rated them as the best pasty in 2010.

So a quick stop outside whilst wife ran in to pick up a few, then down to the boating lake area (large free carpark, a rarity down this way) for a picnic.

The pasties are good, but in a different way to our current faves Anns and the mighty Philps (Marazion shop) which i guess is the best thing about a true hand-made pasty in that each baker will produce their own unique tasting pasty.

I can see why people rate these pasties, the texture and flavour is rich and heavy. I suspect that they use a lot of suet, the filling is more pie like almost, gloriously unctuous, and the pastry erring towards the dense. My one small comment is that they are a tad salty.

Valuewise I would say very good. At just over £3 for a medium it was ample to give the kids half each (neither of them could finish it much to the dog's delight) and said medium also beat the wife.

Would i drive explicitly to buy one as I would Anns and Philps (Marazion), possibly not. Would I be happy dropping in if i was passing, yes definitely.

But in saying that here's the interesting thing. We bought four pasties and only ate three. The fourth sat in the fridge until the next day when we re-heated it for lunch. What a revelation, the dense pastry was suddenly fresh and crispy and the filling was a little less gooey. Admittedly I haven't tried this with our other faves but my goodness if you want a pasty to take home and heat later The Horse and Jockey's are great!

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